Progressive Appraisal, Inc.


We just wanted to take a minute and say Thank You.

It is hard to believe that we started with our first appraisal request for a 2055/EXT appraisal report form on a condominium in St. Charles not too far from the office in mid December of 2000.  A lot has certainly taken place in our industry over the past six plus years and before we go any further we do need to stop and say THANK YOU. We probably don't say it often enough.  You are the reason why we have been able to grow from a small two man operation in one 10 x 15 room into a professional firm that covers the entire metro area.  For those who have been with us since that crazy first or second year one thing we miss out on are the days when all appraisal reports were printed out and hand delivered.

These days it seems like every six months something is changing or is about to change.  As we look forward we want you to know that your trust is greatly appreciated.  We will work hard to improve on our original goal which simply put is to produce creditable appraisal report products in a timely manner with excellent service.

On behalf of our entire staff at Progressive Appraisal,  Thank You!

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